IVeinte Spirits Shines at the SIP Awards: Gold and Platinum for IVeinte Terp Vodka

by Steven Mitts on June 06, 2024

At IVeinte Spirits, we pride ourselves on crafting exceptional spirits that not only delight the palate but also elevate the drinking experience. Our IVeinte Terp Vodka has recently received prestigious recognition at the SIP Awards, affirming our commitment to quality and innovation.


The SIP Awards were created with a simple yet powerful question in mind: “What about the consumer’s opinion?” This competition fills a crucial void by bringing together the very people who regularly enjoy spirits to determine which brands truly stand out. By strategically selecting consumers from all demographics, the SIP Awards ensure a fair and representative evaluation process. This consumer-centric approach goes to the core of public opinion, making it an integral part of branding and product development.


The SIP Awards is unique in the spirits industry, leveling the playing field for both established brands and newcomers by enlisting consumers as judges. This approach provides one of the most reliable measures of beverage quality rating in the world. By sharing the opinions, thoughts, and voices of consumers, the SIP Awards offer an authentic perspective to the general public.

Gold - Taste of IVeinte Terp Vodka

We are thrilled to announce that our IVeinte Terp Vodka has earned a Gold medal at the SIP Awards. This accolade celebrates spirits that demonstrate a noteworthy performance in a double-blind tasting conducted by a diverse consumer panel. Achieving scores in the upper division, our IVeinte Terp Vodka is strongly recommended for its exceptional taste and quality.

Platinum - Bottle Design

Our IVeinte Terp Vodka also garnered a Platinum medal for its innovative bottle design. Spirits awarded this distinction represent a distinguished class, earning exceptional marks from consumer judges. The Platinum medal signifies that our bottle design is not only visually striking but also enhances the overall drinking experience. Platinum medal recipients are highly recommended to the public.

Innovation Award for Our Bottle

In addition to the Gold and Platinum medals, our bottle design also received an innovation award. This recognition highlights our dedication to pushing the boundaries of creativity and functionality in spirit packaging. Our bottle is a testament to the meticulous attention to detail and artistry that goes into every aspect of IVeinte Terp Vodka.

At IVeinte Spirits, we are committed to delivering spirits that resonate with consumers, both in flavor and design. These accolades from the SIP Awards reinforce our mission to create premium products that stand out in the market. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the consumers who judged our IVeinte Terp Vodka and to everyone who continues to support our journey. Cheers to more exceptional experiences ahead!


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