Capturing the essence of 420 with IVeinte Spirits! | Cannabis Talk 101

by Steven Mitts on April 26, 2024

Today, we go on an exciting journey into the heart of the cannabis community, guided by Steven Mitts, the Founder and CEO of IVeinte Spirits. As he becomes a guest at Cannabis Talk 101, we'll explore the journey of IVeinte

IVeinte Spirits™ is a company specializing in custom, ultra-premium liquors including a full-bodied terpene infused vodka that smells like OG & tastes like the smoothest vodka you've ever had without a single trace of THC! Best of all, their one-of-a-kind patented bottle is designed to look like a perfectly rolled joint that looks lit from almost any angle when light hits it! 4/20 is right around the corner folks so be sure to check out the website at or visit the IG @drinkiveinte to put in order for your Ultra Premium TERP infused vodka from IVeinte Spirits™!

Cannabis Talk 101 is your ESPN, CNN, FOX NEWS, and The View of Cannabis, With our main hosts, Chris Wright, aka Blue & Joe Grande! They all share a passion for educating, advocating and defending members of the cannabis community. They discuss the benefits of cannabis as well as the laws engulfing it while breaking the stoner stereotype. Together they have embarked on a mission to spread the truth about cannabis while guiding and connecting industry professionals along the way.


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